Our Story "Hawkstone"


"Hawkstone" not just a "jewellery store". 

Owners Steven and Sophie, have worked for many years behind the scenes in the jewellery industry sourcing gemstones and custom making jewellery. 

Through years of knowledge and experience they began recognising the needs of the modern day customer. Customers have become more educated about the jewellery and gemstone industry in recent years. Sophie and Steven recognised necessity for a more tailored  personalised interaction with customers.

At Hawkstone Sophie and Steven have made this possible. Customers are able to sit down and consult with Steven the jeweller and Sophie the gemmologist and start a jewellery experience where they are able to directly source gemstones, diamonds and focus their absolute attention into the custom designing process. 

Steven and Sophie have worked hard to create a versatile welcoming environment for anyone seeking out quality gemstones and custom made jewellery. An experience which is tailored to meet the requirements of the customer with an emphasis on professionalism and customer service.